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Quality and value of library services from a user’s perspective: the case of the National and University Library in Ljubljana (pp 765-786)
Melita Ambrožič and Damjana Vovk
Full Article PDF (599 K)

The changing IT trends: are academic libraries coping? (pp 787-809)
Maria G. N. Musoke, Timothy Sentamu Andrew Mwesigwa
Full Article PDF (538 K)

Indicators for benchmarking in Norwegian academic libraries: Testing the usability of national collection data (pp 811-820)
Ane Landøy and Johanne Raade
Full Article PDF (481 K)

Methodologies for the Teaching and Learning of Information Literacy in Two Mexican Universities (pp 821-828)
Celia Mireles Cárdenas, Verónica Soria Ramírez
Full Article PDF (341 K)

Assessing library impact on student learning outcomes: a case study using the Understanding Library Impacts Protocol (pp 829-842)
Derek Rodriguez and Lisa Norberg
Full Article PDF (275 K)

The win-win game of information literacy education: subject librarians tutoring information literacy online course for doctoral students (pp 843–856)
Krista Lepik, Vilve Seiler, Kärt Miil
Full Article PDF (643 K)

Information literacy in the Capes Portal of E-Journals: the impact of user training programs (pp 857-863)
Fernanda Gomes Almeida and Beatriz Valadares Cendón
Full Article PDF (321 K)

Information Literacy and Research Development Skills: Advancing Librarian’s Participation in Pedagogical Research (pp 865–877)
Asako Yoshida
Full Article PDF (388 K)

Implementing Critical Thinking in Cross Disciplinary Programs: a Framework for Global Literacy Instruction (pp 879-890)
Barbara D. Farah
Full Article PDF (400 K)

Information Literacy as a part of an outreach community program for pre-University Learners in South Africa: a case study (pp 891–898)
Janet Teresa Zambri
Full Article PDF (255 K)

Library Professionals' and partners' implicit principle of non-interference and writing-related interventions (pp 899-908)
Juha Kämäräinen and Jarmo Saarti
Full Article PDF (432 K)

Back to content: Nelson Goodman as philosophical basis for multiliteracy (pp 909-916)
Leena Pylkkö
Full Article PDF (340 K)

Evaluation of the Librarian-Educator`s training Conceptual Model (pp 917-927)
Vincas Grigas
Full Article PDF (447 K)

Discovery through Cultural Memory: undergraduates in the Archives (pp 929-940)
Lisa Sherlock
Full Article PDF (283 K)

Information Literacy from Credit Based to Integrated Information Literacy: A Case of the University of Botswana (pp 941-950)
Boipuso Mologanyi
Full Article PDF (286 K)

Incorporating Archives-based Research into the Curriculum: A Collaborative and Outcomes-based Approach (pp 951-960)
Verónica Reyes-Escudero
Full Article PDF (344 K)

Teaching critical reading in schools and associate with education (pp 961-966)
Ayşenur Güneş and Fatih Güneş
Full Article PDF (312 K)

Technicality, humanity and spirituality - 3-level multi-dimensional proactive services toward lifelong learning (pp 967–977)
Lidu Gong
Full Article PDF (384 K)

Attaining Employability skills by focusing on information competencies: How far are we? (pp 979–986)
Sonja Špiranec, Đilda Pečarić and Tomislav Ivanjko
Full Article PDF (474 K)

Shut Down the University! - The ultimatum for quality undergraduates (pp 987-1000)
Jinadu, Iliasu and Kiran, Kaur
Full Article PDF (346 K)

Virtual Trace: A Framework for Applying Physical Trace Research Methodology in a Virtual Electronic Context (pp 1001-1018)
Frank Lambert
Full Article PDF (386 K)

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