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International presence of project management in the university curricula in Library and Information Science (pp 367-375)
Rosario Arquero Avilés, Silvia Cobo Serrano and L. Fernando Ramos Simón
Full Article PDF (344 K)

“I’m all for libraries”! A study of job satisfaction in Cape Town’s public libraries (pp 377-389)
Dr Genevieve Hart
Full Article PDF (379 K)

User Satisfaction Surveys in Two Italian University Libraries: Model, Results and Good Practices (pp 391-403)
Ilaria Moroni
Full Article PDF (592 K)

Significance and Efficiency of “Visiting-Instructor Training Programme”: Opportunities for Sharing Competence of Reference Staff (pp 405-413)
Mitsuhiro Oda
Full Article PDF (373 K)

Libraries Accessibility Project: Realities and Challenges at 15 Lisbon Municipality Libraries (pp 415-423)
Ana Novo and Margarida Fragoso
Full Article PDF (322 K)

Focus groups – stimulating and rewarding co-operation between the library and its patrons (pp 425-431)
Eva Höglund
Full Article PDF (311 K)

Mystery shopping in libraries – are we ready? (pp 433-442)
Mihaela Banek Zorica, Tomislav Ivanjko, Sonja Spiranec
Full Article PDF (330 K)

PIOP’s museums network and library: Cultural economics (pp 443-450)
Elia Vlachou and Chrysa Nikolaou
Full Article PDF (330 K)

Web accessibility standards in libraries (pp 451-467)
Honorata Zarębska
Full Article PDF (523 K)

Benedictine bibliographical history: a study on the Livraria de São Bento - the Old Library of Saint Benedict’s Monastery of São Paulo, Brazil, 16th-18th century (pp 469-476)
André de Araújo
Full Article PDF (1320 K)

Technical relevance of keyword searches in full text databases (pp 477-484)
Erzsébet Tóth, Béla Lóránt Kovács
Full Article PDF (335 K)

The quality of services of public media libraries in Warsaw – in youth's view. Research done using the SERVQUAL method (pp 485-493)
Magdalena Paul
Full Article PDF (426 K)

Institutional Repositories: libraries coming to the help of their institutions (pp 495-501)
Naicheng Chang and Alan Hopkinson
Full Article PDF (567 K)

An Examination of Health Information Service Provision at Federal Medical Center, Katsina (pp 503-508)
Badamasi b. Mohammed, Mudassir a. Abule
Full Article PDF (268 K)

Knowledge Production by Librarians In Malaysia For Evidence-Based Librarianship (pp 509-518)
Mohd Faizal Hamzah, Ranita Hisham, Ilina Syazwani Binti Musa, Nor Hazidah Awang & Rabiahtul Adauwiyah Binti Abu Hanipah
Full Article PDF (416 K)

Apply Novelty Detection to Chinese News Event Detection and Tracking (pp 519-528)
Chuen-Min Huang, Teng-Huei Cheng
Full Article PDF (442 K)

Measuring Customer Satisfaction – Over Time and in Global Benchmarks (pp 529-549)
Nicole Petri and Dr Sabine Graumann
Full Article PDF (1100 K)

Quality Assurance Method for Cropping Error Detection in Digital Repositories (pp 551-559)
Roman Graf, Ross King and Stefan Majewski
Full Article PDF (556 K)

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PDF (164 K)

Title Index (pp 563-564)
PDF (172 K)

Journal Contents (pp 565-566)
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