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Qualitative and Quantitative Methods in Libraries Journal Special Issue: Bibliometrics and Scientometrics (pp 1-3)
Teresa S. Welsh, Guest Editor’s Introduction
Full Article PDF (245 K)

Aspects of Authorship, Coauthorship, and Productivity in School Library Research 1998 – 2012 (pp 5-16)
Marilyn M. Brissett
Full Article PDF (281 K)

Multiple Research Methods as a Way to Explore the Longitudinal Impact of the Rural Village Library in Africa (pp 17-28)
Valeda F. Dent
Full Article PDF (251 K)

A Bibliometric Study of LIS Literature Related to Academic Law Librarianship (pp 29-39)
James Stephen Parks
Full Article PDF (207 K)

Assessment of Resources for Story Hour Programs: Review of Public Libraries in Anambra State, Nigeria (pp 41-48)
Ngozi P. Osuchukwu
Full Article PDF (321 K)

Research Collaboration between Stockholm University and other Swedish Academic Institutions: A Bibliometric Study to Support Decisions on Library Collaboration (pp 49-60)
Per Ahlgren, Johan Hinders, Camilla Lindelöw, Sara Parmhed, and Per Swedberg
Full Article PDF (478 K)

The impact of the Online Knowledge Library: Its Use and Impact on the Production of the Portuguese Academic and Scientific Community (2000-2010) (pp 61-70)
Teresa Costa, Carlos Lopes and Francisco Vaz
Full Article PDF (475 K)

Citation-Based Document Categorization: An Approach Using Artificial Neural Networks (pp 71-79)
Magali Rezende Gouvêa Meireles and Beatriz Valadares Cendón
Full Article PDF (293 K)

A Bibliometric Study: The Historiography of the Jewish National Movement (pp 81-91)
Hava Mustigman, PhD
Full Article PDF (584 K)

The Relevance of Publications on the Subject of Innovation in the Portuguese Language over the Last 30 Years: A Bibliometric Contribution (pp 93-103)
Janete Saldanha Bach Estevao and Walter Shima
Full Article PDF (497 K)

Webometric Study of World Class Universities Websites (pp 105-115)
Prof. Dr Ahmad Bakeri Abu Baka and Nur Leyni, N. P. J.
Full Article PDF (215 K)

Topics of QQML (pp 117-127)
Jadranka Lasić-Lazić, Nikolaj Lazić, Mihaela Banek Zorica
Full Article PDF (2.141 K)

Bibliometric analysis: Slovenian Journal of Public Health vs. European Journal of Public Health (pp 129-137)
Petruša Miholič
Full Article PDF (359 K)

Analysis of Scientific Activities in the Field of Information Science: the case of Croatia (pp 139-150)
Nikolaj Lazić and Jadranka Lasić Lazić
Full Article PDF (360 K)

A Bibliometric Analysis of Malaysian Authorship Pattern in the Field of Engineering, 2000 - 2010 (pp 151-159)
Salmah, Abdullah
Full Article PDF (326 K)

New questions arise: are bibliometric indicators adequate for evaluating the scientific production of the Social Sciences and Humanities? (pp 161-169)
Maria João Pinto and Sofia Fernandes
Full Article PDF (337 K)

Collaborative Research in Economics in Pakistan: The Case of Pakistan Development Review from 1973 to 2009 (pp 171-181)
Sajjad Ullah Jan and Dr. Mumtaz A. Anwar
Full Article PDF (266 K)

Research Assessment of Climate Change Data: A Scientometric Construct (pp 183-194)
Prof. Shabahat Husain and Dr. Muzamil Mushtaq,
Full Article PDF (350 K)

Research Papers on Leather Science: A Bibliometric Study (pp 195-202)
Anita Basak and Ratna Bandyopadhyay
Full Article PDF (415 K)

Research Papers of Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy: A Bibliometric Study (pp 203-229)
Avijit Chakrabarti and Biplab Chakrabarti
Full Article PDF (558 K)

Technological Basis for Information Science in Brazil: A Scientometric Study (231-241)
Ronaldo F. Araujo and Marlene Oliveira
Full Article PDF (400 K)

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