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Understandings of the role of a public library in Estonia (pp 737-748)
Mai Põldaas
Full Article PDF (359 K)

A Study on the Attitudes of Prospective Science Teachers towards the Effects of Mobile Applications and Information Services in Distance Education (pp 749-753)
Volkan Şenay, Malik Yılmaz, Burcu Aydemir Şenay and Ayşenur Güneş
Full Article PDF (318 K)

Using Quantitative Research Methods to Determine the Validity and Reliability of an Undergraduate Citation Rubric (pp 755-765)
Katelyn Angell
Full Article PDF (366 K)

Information systems and patients’ empowerment around patients’ pathways: the French and the Portuguese scenarios (pp 767-773)
Christian Bourret and Olivia Pestana
Full Article PDF (282 K)

Collaborative Information Behaviour in Completely Online Groups: Exploring the Social Dimensions of Information in Virtual Environments (pp 775-787)
Oskar Hernández Pérez
Full Article PDF (447 K)

Designing an Information Literacy Programme to key standards and frameworks (pp 789-793)
Betty Maguire
Full Article PDF (343 K)

The information society progress: evolution of the Health Information Services (pp 795-801)
Olívia Pestana
Full Article PDF (346 K)

Facing the crisis: risk of a collapse or new opportunities? The ISS case study (pp 803-809)
Franco Toni
Full Article PDF (515 K)

Quality Assessment Method for Warping and Cropping Error Detection in Digital Repositories (pp 811-820)
Roman Graf and Ross King and Martin Suda
Full Article PDF (758 K)

A Bibliometric Analysis of the Literature on Open Access in Scopus (pp 821-841)
Chung, Jenny and Tsay, Ming-Yueh
Full Article PDF (490 K)

Mapping the information landscape of the academic library (pp 843-853)
Andrew Whitworth, Maria-Carme Torras i Calvo, Bodil Moss, Nazareth Amlesom Kifle and Terje Blåsternes
Full Article PDF (411 K)

Reaching out to Users: Romanian Academic Libraries on Facebook (pp 855-859)
Dr. Octavia-Luciana Madge
Full Article PDF (245 K)

Students as Users of Digital Libraries (pp 861-869)
John Catlow, Mirosław Górny and Rafał Lewandowski
Full Article PDF (361 K)

Facilitating Learning and Research Engagement of 4th year Undergraduate Students: the Outcomes of Student Self-Assessment Survey (pp 871-881)
Asako Yoshida
Full Article PDF (476 K)

Freedom of Information and the Library (pp 883-889)
Milica Cvetkovic Stosic
Full Article PDF (475 K)

A 3D virtual library model: representing verbal and multimedia content in three dimensional space (pp 891-901)
István Boda, Erzsébet Tóth, Miklós Bényei, István Csont
Full Article PDF (828 K)

Librarians as Information and Knowledge Managers (pp 903-912)
Aleksandra Vranes and Ljiljana Markovic
Full Article PDF (347 K)

External issues affecting Libraries: an interaction in International and Comparative Librarianship (pp 913-925)
Eduardo da Silva Alentejo
Full Article PDF (309 K)

Bibliometric Analysis from the Perspective of a Croatian Tourism Journal (pp 927-936)
Ksenija Tokić and Ivo Tokić
Full Article PDF (488 K)

Case law as a source of information (pp 937-945)
Honorata Zarębska
Full Article PDF (428 K)

Introducing the "Getting Found" Web Analytics Cookbook for Monitoring Search Engine Optimization of Digital Repositories (pp 947-953)
Kenning Arlitsch and Patrick OBrien
Full Article PDF (310 K)

Students and the e-book dilemma: a case study (pp 955-963)
Ingrid Moisil and Tony Horava
Full Article PDF (412 K)

The European Digital Library – Factor for Long-life learning in Arts and Cultural Studies (pp 965-971)
Ivanka Yankova, Evgeni Velev Kamelia Nusheva and Sonia Spasova
Full Article PDF (318 K)

Assessing the training needs of users in accessing electronic resources (pp 973-981)
Dr. Octavia-Luciana Madge
Full Article PDF (533 K)

Information retrieval in institutional repositories: Proposal of an ontology for Historical Organizational Memory (pp 983-992)
Janete Saldanha Bach Estevão and Faimara do Rocio Strauhs
Full Article PDF (388 K)

Implementing Information and Communication Technologies in Educating Knowledge Workers (pp 993-1003)
Aleksandra Vranes and Ljiljana Markovic
Full Article PDF (358 K)

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