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Development of a journal recommendation tool based upon co-citation analysis of journals cited in Wageningen UR research articles (pp. 233-257)
Marco G.P. van Veller and W. Gerritsma
Full Article PDF (1.014 K)

Characteristics of scientific production in Croatia from 1997 to 2014 (pp. 259-271)
Đilda Pečarić, Božidar Baković and Miroslav Tuđman
Full Article PDF (653 K)

Reading museums (pp. 273-283)
Kali Tzortzi
Full Article PDF (578 K)

A method to evaluate the impact of user training from the perspective of information literacy (pp. 285-292)
Fernanda Gomes Almeida and Beatriz Valadares Cendón
Full Article PDF (608 K)

Research Output of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs): A Scientometric Study (pp. 293-305)
Nabi Hasan & Mukhtiar Singh
Full Article PDF (400 K)

Information needs of Russian specialists in health care administration, management and economics (pp. 307-316)
Tatyana V. Kaigorodova, Irina A. Kriukova, Ekaterina I. Zimina
Full Article PDF (349 K)

A Decade of Quality Management System at the Maribor Public Library (pp. 317-320)
Irena Sirk and Sabina Fras Popović
Full Article PDF (362 K)

The Challenge of Showing Economic Impact of Library (321-330)
Markku A. Laitinen
Full Article PDF (603 K)

Benchmarking the Knowledge Management Practices in Selected European Higher Education Libraries (pp. 331-341)
Núria Balagué, Prof. Dr. Petra Düren and Jarmo Saarti
Full Article PDF (423 K)

College Student Perceptions About Librarian Directed Presentations in the Blended Learning Environment (pp. 343-352)
Donna Levesque, Ph.D. and Tiia Kunnapas, MEd, MLIS
Full Article PDF (293 K)

Unlocking value in a reference library through the application of business process mapping and job analysis techniques (pp. 353-362)
Vicki McDonald, Dr Gillian McAllister and Lisa Koch
Full Article PDF (341 K)

Documenting a fruitstand from Karabournaki with CIDOC/CRM (pp. 363-371)
Maria Sitara, Marios Poulos, Sozon Papavlasopoulos
Full Article PDF (386 K)

In search of international quality: The library experience with WASC (pp. 373-380)
Rubén F. Martínez-Rocha, Juan D. Machin-Mastromatteo and Miguel Ángel Lopez-Guerrero
Full Article PDF (408 K)

Legal Information Management Using QR Codes (pp. 381-397)
Ana-Maria Cornelia, Angela Repanovici
Full Article PDF (891 K)

Quality Management Approaches in Academic Libraries: A Pilot Study of a Nigerian University Library (pp. 399-412)
Halima Egberongbe, Barbara Sen and Peter Willett
Full Article PDF (347 K)

Using Mobile Technology for Studying library Spaces (pp. 413-420)
Susan Thompson
Full Article PDF (522 K)

Thematic Identification of “Little Science”: Trends in Portuguese IS&LS Literature by Controlled Vocabulary and Co-Word Analysis (pp. 421-432)
Silvana Roque de Oliveira Catarina Moreira José Borbinha María Ángeles Zulueta Garcia
Full Article PDF (716 K)

Scientific-Publication Contributions of Egyptian Faculties of Veterinary Medicine Indexed In PubMed between 2000 and 2014: A Comparative Bibliometric Analysis (pp. 433-449)
Doaa K. El-Berry
Full Article PDF (714 K)

Innovative and Sustainable Information Services for Moldovan Higher Education: Evaluation of Moldavian Libraries System (pp. 451-461)
Ane Landoy, Silvia Ghinculov, Angela Repanovici, Natalia Cheradi
Full Article PDF (344 K)

Measurement Methods and Application Research of Triple Helix Model in Collaborative Innovation Management (pp. 463-482)
Hai-Yun Xu, Rong-Qiang Zeng, Shu Fang, Zeng-Hui Yue and Zheng-Biao Han
Full Article PDF (816 K)

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