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Refining Strategy: A Second Bid at Critical Interpretive Synthesis for Collection Building (pp 141-151)
Stephen Bales and Laura Sare
Full Article PDF (284 K)

Comparative Evaluation of Three Types of Semantic Distance Metrics – Implications for Use in Semantic Search (pp 153-171)
Denise A. D. Bedford, and Karen F. Gracy
Full Article PDF (965 K)

Using LibQual+ ®As a Qualitative Method: Taking One Iranian Academic Library as an Example (pp 173-181)
Pegah Tajer
Full Article PDF (426 K)

Multicultural children’s books at the French Canadian public library: Where can I find them? (pp 183-190)
Anne-Marie Dionne
Full Article PDF (332 K)

aiSelections: Computational Techniques for Matching Faculty Research Profiles to Library Acquisitions (pp 191-198)
Peter M. Broadwell and Timothy R. Tangherlini
Full Article PDF (264 K)

Journal Collection – Value for Money? (pp 199-211)
Anu Eskelinen and Aino Taskinen
Full Article PDF (973 K)

Digitization: Challenges for Croatian Museums (pp 213-220)
Breza Salamon-Cindori, Marko Tot and Daniela Zivkovic
Full Article PDF (315 K)

Student Expectations from a cross-cultural virtual collaboration: A qualitative analysis (pp 221-234)
Naresh Kumar Agarwal and Noor Faridah A Rahim
Full Article PDF (403 K)

Demographic Change and Public Libraries – Large-print and Audio books are not enough! (pp 235-243)
Prof. Dr. Petra Düren
Full Article PDF (366 K)

A Mixed Method Framework for Evaluating Video Digital Libraries (pp 245-252)
Dan Albertson
Full Article PDF (312 K)

It´s all about keeping quiet – using focus group interviews to understand the everyday life of researchers in order to support their research (pp 253-261)
Gunilla Wiklund, Hanna Voog and Sara Kjellberg
Full Article PDF (341 K)

Understanding News Researchers through a Content Analysis of Dissertations and Theses (pp 263-270)
Mary Feeney
Full Article PDF (284 K)

Information literacy skills of Greek high-school students: results of an empirical survey (pp 271-281)
Afrodite Malliari, Aspasia Togia, Stella Korobili and Ilias Nitsos
Full Article PDF (329 K)

Health Information Quality Management System: Academics Health Libraries Perspectives (pp 283-294)
Eduardo Alentejo, Dr. Henning Lobin, Sofia G. Baptista
Full Article PDF (399 K)

Open access policymaking: roles for academic librarians as “change agents” in research institutions (pp 295-307)
Laura Bowering Mullen and Jane Johnson Otto
Full Article PDF (295 K)

Teaching-learning process in "Project Management in documentation units": a methodological proposal (pp 309-320)
Rosario Arquero Avilés, Gonzalo Marco Cuenca, Silvia Cobo Serrano and L. Fernando Ramos Simón
Full Article PDF (736 K)

A method for journal collection management and the limitations of reality (pp 321-330)
Miriam Lorenz
Full Article PDF (339 K)

Faceted taxonomy for accessing digital libraries (pp 331-341)
Maculan, Benildes C M S. and Lima, Gercina A. B. O.
Full Article PDF (300 K)

Assessing the Effectiveness of Collaborative Subject-Specific Library Instruction (pp 343-350)
Jordan Nielsen and Lora Lennertz Jetton
Full Article PDF (279 K)

Sharing Electronic Resources Among Three Institutions (pp 351-359)
Ellen Sayed and Alice Burnett
Full Article PDF (458 K)

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PDF (165 K)

Title Index (pp 363-364)
PDF (173 K)

Journal Contents (pp 365-366)
PDF (328 K)



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