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Perspectives of LIS Academics and Post Graduates on Standards-based and Socially-Constructed Metadata Approaches (pp 99-119)
Getaneh Alemu, Brett Stevens and Penny Ross
Full Article PDF (290K)

An effectual approach for a data and information management for humanists (pp 121-128)
Frank Förster and Bernhard Thalheim
Full Article PDF (165K)

The Cost-Benefit Factor: A Tool between Management and Marketing (pp 129-140)
Sabine Graumann and Nicole Petri
Full Article PDF (183K)

Effective Communication Skills to Manage the Library: Relations Between Managers and Librarians (pp 141-153)
Asiye Kakirman-Yildiz
Full Article PDF (232K)

Improving the information literacy at the Czech Technical University in Prague: support of study and research (pp 155-162)
Vera Pilecka and Ludmila Ticha
Full Article PDF (208K)

The Feminine Reading Room: a separate space for women in a Portuguese public library (pp 163-175)
Paula Sequeiros and Sónia Passos
Full Article PDF (210K)

Is It Really on the Web and What Does That Mean for Instruction and Reference? (pp 177-183)
Aline Soules
Full Article PDF (157K)

Another perspective on library use Learning from library non-users (pp 185-197)
Michael Stoepel
Full Article PDF (400K)

On handling geographic data of paper and digital forms in academic libraries: the role of ontologies (pp 199-204)
Lila Theodoridou, Dimitris Kotzinos and Zoe Sotiriou
Full Article PDF (198K)

Marketing tools to support university library’s mission (pp 205-212)
Ilona Trtikova and Lenka Nemeckova
Full Article PDF (152K)

Contenporary Tendences in Serbian Academic Librarianship with Special Emphasis on Cataloguing and Classifying Library Materials (pp 213-220)
Vesna Župan
Full Article PDF (148K)

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