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Scientometric analysis of the emerging technology landscape (pp 1-10)
Ian I’Anson
Full Article PDF (402 K)

Social support, work motivation and work commitment of library personnel in selected private university libraries in south-west, Nigeria (pp 11-22)
Olaojo, Pius Olatunj and Oyeboade, John Adeboye
Full Article PDF (292 K)

Digital Libraries Impact on Students' Learning Behaviour. Case Study: Medical Students (pp 23-29)
Rodica Volovici, Anca Fratila, Liana Gabriela Bera, Ioana I. Moisil
Full Article PDF (468 K)

Building spaces for citizen participation and collaboration. Library and information services (pp 31-37)
Celia Mireles Cárdenas, Gladys N. Arana López, Jorge Alejandro Peña Landeros
Full Article PDF (365 K)

The readership indicators in Poland and programs promoting the reading (pp 39-48)
Dr Maja Wojciechowska
Full Article PDF (263 K)

Co-authorship networks of scientific elite: case study of information science in Croatia (pp 49-59)
Dr. Đilda Pečarić and Prof. Dr. Miroslav Tuđman
Full Article PDF (367 K)

658.8: Marketing for academic libraries (pp 59-70)
Theodorou Roxanna and Tsoubrakakou Anastasia
Full Article PDF (296 K)

Qualitative methods in the characterization of legal documents (71-77)
Simone Torres and Maurício Barcellos Almeida
Full Article PDF (327 K)

Developing the Web Portals of the German National Library of Science and Technology: Tools and Workflows Used (pp 79-88)
Sven Strobel
Full Article PDF (762 K)

Digital ethnography as a way to explore information grounds on Twitter (pp 89-105)
Bazilah A. Talip & Bhuva Narayan, Sylvia L. Edwards and Jason Watson
Full Article PDF (349 K)

Social network as the enabler for library services: challenges of Nigerian academic libraries (pp 107-115)
Emezie, Nkeiru A. and Nwaohiri, Ngozi Maria
Full Article PDF (392 K)

Application of RFID in Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women Library, University of Delhi, India: Challenges and Future Prospects (pp 117-130)
Dr. Projes Roy and Dr. Shailendra Kumar
Full Article PDF (280 K)

Information need and information seeking behaviour of engineering college students in Madurai - a case study (pp 131-140)
Dr. K. Chinnasamy
Full Article PDF (236 K)

Concepts of Knowledge Management in Library & Information Services at Central Forest Library: A Case study (pp 141-148)
Usha kumari S and Seebi Narasimhaiah
Full Article PDF (317 K)

Quantitative and qualitative instruments for knowledge management readiness assessment in universities (pp 149-164)
Naresh Kumar Agarwal and Laila Marouf
Full Article PDF (337 K)

Content analysis model to analyze facets of social mission of public library on the Facebook and in the websites (pp 163-176)
Luisa Alvim and José António Calixto
Full Article PDF (377 K)

Awareness and Use of Academic Social Networking Websites by the Faculty of CIIT (pp 177-188)
Arslan Sheikh
Full Article PDF (476 K)

Synergy and Partnership in Algerian Agricultural Sector: Knowledge Management and Capitalization (pp 189-200)
Radia Bernaoui and Mohamed Hassoun
Full Article PDF (403 K)

Implementing Floating Collections: To Float or to Sink? A case study (pp 201-209)
Emma Burman and Christina Brage
Full Article PDF (349 K)

Unveiling Portuguese governmental libraries trends and challenges: confluence of futures studies, action research and stakeholder analysis (pp 211-220)
Leonor Gaspar Pinto, Paula Ochôa, Paulo J. S. Barata, Rosa Maria Galvão and Vera Batalha
Full Article PDF (478 K)

New methods to quantify an individual's scientific research output based on h-index and various factors (pp 221-234)
Weifan Zhao, Wenjun Liu, and Ruiyu Zhang
Full Article PDF (442 K)

Library Websites as Source of Marketing of Library Resources: An Empirical Study of HEC Recognized Universities of Pakistan (pp 235-249)
Shahzad Abbas, Shanawar Khalid and Fakhar Abbas Hashmi
Full Article PDF (546 K)

New Instruments for Impact Assessment: study of an academic library (pp 251-262)
Luiza Baptista Melo, Célia Cruz and Isabel Sá
Full Article PDF (605 K)

Measuring the vitality and effectiveness within Social sciences and humanities research: an attempt in Italian LIS studies (pp 263-270)
Simona Turbanti
Full Article PDF (368 K)


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PDF (202 K)

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