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A Qualitative Examination about Providers’ Perceptions and Recommendations Regarding the Role of Public Librarians in Addressing Communities’ Health Literacy (pp 567-582)
Van M. Ta Park, Lili Luo, & Denise Rosidi
Full Article PDF (446 K)

Use marketing as a strategy for skill development Tablets, QR, AR – our journey from printed book collections to a social place (pp 583-589)
Linda Vidlund and Cecilia Petersson
Full Article PDF (279 K)

Evaluation of the Brazilian Capes Portal of E-Journals: An analysis of users’ barriers and problems (pp 591-600)
Nádia Ameno Ribeiro and Beatriz Valadares Cendón
Full Article PDF (357 K)

Impact of the Consumption of Electronic Contents on Research Productivity in Some Portuguese and Spanish Universities (pp 601-610)
Blanca Rodríguez-Bravo, Luiza Baptista Melo, Teresa Costa
Full Article PDF (434 K)

Evidence based service change: remodelling the academic libraries for the post-digital era (pp 611-618)
Markku Laitinen and Jarmo Saarti
Full Article PDF (494 K)

Secondary Data Analysis: A Method of which the Time Has Come (pp 619-626)
Melissa P. Johnston, PhD
Full Article PDF (262 K)

An analysis of library's intellectual capital resources for library networks (pp 627-636)
Kostagiolas Petros and Tsoubrakakou Anastasia
Full Article PDF (377 K)

Change Management In Transition To E-learning System (pp 637-651)
Alaattin Parlakkılıç
Full Article PDF (411 K)

Harmonizing information users' readiness with the digital information environment (pp 653-659)
Naeema Jabur and Abdelmajid Bouazza
Full Article PDF (344 K)

Comparative Analysis in the Ethical Use of Information and Librarianship Education in Mexico: an Investigation Process (pp 661-673)
Antonio Cobos Flores
Full Article PDF (329 K)

Binding descriptions within a universal collective catalogue (pp 675-681)
Antonio Carpallo-Bautista and Esther Burgos-Bordonau
Full Article PDF (286 K)

Tag-Resource-User: A Review of Approaches in Studying Folksonomies (pp 683-692)
Jadranka Lasić-Lazić, Sonja Špiranec and Tomislav Ivanjko
Full Article PDF (476 K)

Health information services and the changing paradigm of information science (pp 693-699)
Olívia Pestana
Full Article PDF (327 K)

Leadership challenges in academic libraries in Moldova, Norway and Romania (pp 701-712)
Angela Repanovici and Ane Landoy
Full Article PDF (470 K)

Investigating e-service quality criteria for university library: a focus group study (pp 713-721)
Olga Einasto
Full Article PDF (284 K)

Is the tree of the country’s science fructifying the welfare? (Causality test in the science production of Iran) (pp 723-729)
Hamzehali Nourmohammadi, Mahdi Keramatfar, Abdalsamad Keramtfar, Leila Soleymani, Fereshteh Spraean, Faezeh Aghamollaee
Full Article PDF (633 K)

The correct language for local publications in East Africa: a qualitative inquiry into subject cataloguing (pp 731-740)
Eliz Nassali State , I.M.N. Kigongo-Bukenya and Constant Okello-Obura
Full Article PDF (289 K)

Users’ awareness, perceptions and usage of Makerere library services in the main and selected branch libraries (pp 741-758)
Lydia Namugera
Full Article PDF (450 K)

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PDF (129 K)

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