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Understanding the impact of national library association membership: strengthening the profession for sustainability (pp277-285)
Susan Henczel
Full Article PDF (331 K)

Project BLIIPS: Making the Physical Public Library more Intelligent through Artificial Intelligence (pp 277-300)
Martijn van Otterlo, PhD
Full Article PDF (299 K)

Playful Learning in Children’s Library: New Technologies for Digital Natives (pp 301-310)
Violeta Đorđević and Jasna Brkić
Full Article PDF (298 K)

A Theory of Metadata Enriching and Filtering: Challenges and Opportunities to Implementation (pp 311-334)
Dr Getaneh Alemu
Full Article PDF (588 K)

Altmetrics as alternative tool for measuring the impact of scholarly documents based on readers attention: A Comparative Study (pp 335-346)
Prof. Dr. Naeema H. Jabur
Full Article PDF (419 K)

Scientific production of the Portuguese and Spanish universities: a comparative analysis (pp 347-354)
Teresa Costa and Blanca Rodríguez-Bravo
Full Article PDF (532 K)

Analysing and Mapping Cited Works: Citation Behaviour of Filipino Faculty and Researchers (pp 355-364)
Marian Ramos Eclevia and Rizalyn V. Janio
Full Article PDF (226 K)

Beyond the Download: Issues in Developing a Secondary Usage Calculator (pp 365-377)
Carol Tenopir, Lisa Christian, Robert Anderson, Lorraine Estelle, Suzie Allard, and Dave Nicholas
Full Article PDF (241 K)

Approaches to Measuring the Efficiency of the Bulgarian Libraries (pp 379-383)
Evgeniya Rusinova
Full Article PDF (207 K)

Library websites of Pakistani universities: an exploratory study (pp 385-395)
Muhammad Abbas Ganaee
Full Article PDF (256 K)

The Power and Perils of Participant Observation in LIS Research: Reflections on Three South African Studies (pp 397-408)
Genevieve Hart
Full Article PDF (345 K)

Technology Transfer and Libraries: Embedding the Library in the Technology Transfer Process (pp 409-416)
Jason Dewland and John Jackson
Full Article PDF (316 K)

The Lithuanian libraries’ future: scenario planning for developing strategies (pp 417-426)
Zinaida Manžuch
Full Article PDF (496 K)

Strategies of Indigenous Knowledge Management in Libraries (pp 427-439)
Juran Krishna Sarkhel
Full Article PDF (245 K)

Characteristics of reader account status as indicators for predicting the use of printed resources in academic libraries (pp 441-449)
John Catlow, Mirosław Górny, Rafał Lewandowski
Full Article PDF (361 K)

Altmetric and Bibliometric Scores: Does Open Access Matter? (pp 451-460)
Lovela Machala Poplašen and Ivana Hebrang Grgić
Full Article PDF (329 K)

Innovative Data-Driven Methods to Improve Digital User Experience (pp 461-471)
Yoo Young Lee, Andy Smith, Lisa Calvert, Eric Snajdr
Full Article PDF (367 K)

Collaboration and information literacy in Portuguese school libraries: a challenge for the future (pp 473-481)
Ana Novo
Full Article PDF (307 K)

Enhancing language, literature and culture teaching and learning throughout ICTS implementation (pp 483-494)
Prof. Aleksandra Vranes, PhD, Prof. Ljiljana Markovic, PhD, Milica Jelic Mariokov, PhD candidate
Full Article PDF (265 K)

Libraries of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Belgrade – Responding to the Challenges of Our Time (pp 495-504)
Prof. Aleksandra Vranes, PhD,Prof. Ljiljana Markovic, PhD, Milica Jelic Mariokov, PhD candidate
Full Article PDF (313 K)

Exploring Visual Representations of the University Library through a Photo Contest (pp 505-514)
Somsak Sriborisutsakul
Full Article PDF (472 K)

The Need of Strategic Human Resource Management for the Development of Information Technology in Libraries (pp 515-525)
Dr. Humera Mah Jabeen
Full Article PDF (384 K)

The role of institutional competencies for the long term preservation of electronic records: The Experience of the Turkish Public Sector (pp 527-533)
Hamza Kandur
Full Article PDF (211 K)

University students' perceptions and attitudes towards the use of mobile phones in libraries: a case of Makerere University Library (Maklib) (pp 535-544)
Caroline Ilako
Full Article PDF (291 K)

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PDF (138 K)

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