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Editorial (pp 1-2)
Anthi Katsirikou
Full Article PDF (73K)

Libraries Do Make a Difference: Common Principles in Showing the Impact of Different Types of Libraries (pp 3-11)
Antti-Pekka Seppänen and Markku Laitinen
Full Article PDF (290K)

Leveraging Semantic Analysis Technologies to Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency of Access to Information (pp 23-36)
Denise A. D. Bedford and Karen F. Gracy
Full Article PDF (207K)

Ebook Users Speak! Analyzing Comment Boxes from
an Ebook Value Survey (pp27-37)
Tina E. Chrzastowski
Full Article PDF (225K)

Quantitative/Qualitative Analysis of Assessing Student Information Literacy Skills: The Power of Librarian-Faculty Collaborations (pp 35-42)
Patricia H. Dawson, Ma Lei Hsieh, and Michael T. Carlin
Full Article PDF (278K)

Total Quality Management in Academic Libraries – Best Practices (pp 43-50)
Petra Düren
Full Article PDF (380K)

Listening to Our Students: Enhancing Library Instruction Through a Qualitative Assessment of Student Feedback (pp 51-62)
Susan P. Goodwin and Tina Budzise-Weaver
Full Article PDF (449K)

A Review of Secondary Literature on Evidence Based Library Management (pp 63-72)
Asiye Kakirman Yildiz
Full Article PDF (242K)

Social Workers in the Library: An Innovative Approach to Address Library Patrons’ Social Service Needs (pp 73-82)
Lili Luo, Deborah Estreicher, Peter A. Lee, Cyndy Thomas, Glenn Thomas
Full Article PDF (178K)

Developing a model for information services based on a librarian-user partnership in medical clinics in Bucharest (pp 83-88)
Octavia-Luciana Porumbeanu Madge
Full Article PDF (179K)

Search Strategies of Library Search Experts (pp 89-97)
Kristiina Singer, Georg Singer, Krista Lepik, Ulrich Norbisrath, and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt
Full Article PDF (182K)




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