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Portuguese library assessment practices and transitions: a meta-evaluation model for the Information and Knowledge Society (pp. 493-503)
Leonor Gaspar Pinto and Paula Ochôa
Full Article PDF (408 K)

Formal ontologies and their role in the integration of library resources (pp. 505-515)
Jolanta Szulc
Full Article PDF (311 K)

The Use of a Constructivist Grounded Theory Method to Explore the Role of Socially-Constructed Metadata (Web 2.0) Approaches (pp. 517-540)
Getaneh Alemu, Brett Stevens, Penny Ross and Jane Chandler
Full Article PDF (1.078 K)

Quickly Collect Qualitative Data With a Video Booth! (pp. 541-545)
Professor Annie Epperson
Full Article PDF (239 K)

The Costs of Open and Closed Access : Using the Finnish Research Output as an Example (pp. 547-557)
Jyrki Ilva, Markku Laitinen and Jarmo Saarti
Full Article PDF (500 K)

Galton 2012: the bibliometric journey continues (pp. 559-573)
Juan Gorraiz, Christian Gumpenberger and Martin Wieland
Full Article PDF (799 K)

Knowledge mapping and visualization as a common ground between librarianship and scholarly communication: Qualitative and quantitative methods for improving semantic categorization and retrieval (pp. 575-583)
Liliana Gregori, Luca Losito, Paolo Sirito
Full Article PDF (290 K)

Evolve or perish! The Continued Development of Information and Knowledge Services in the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (pp. 585-594)
Dr Dominic A Davies and Hannah M Baron
Full Article PDF (343 K)

Bibliometrics and ‘core journals’ in the Humanities: an Italian case study (pp. 595-602)
Luca Lanzillo
Full Article PDF (553 K)

The Half-Life and Obsolescence of the Literature Science Area: a contribution to the understanding the chronology of citations in academic activity (pp. 603-610)
Luiza Hiromi Arao, Maria José Veloso da Costa Santos e Vânia Lisbôa da Silveira Guedes
Full Article PDF (393 K)

RDA description of electronic and digital resources in the digital library (pp. 611-623)
Ariel Alejandro Rodríguez García and Adriana Monroy-Muñoz
Full Article PDF (427 K)

Facet analysis as conceptual modeling of hypertexts: methodological proposal for the management of semantic content in digital libraries (pp. 625-635)
Gercina Angela Borém Oliveira Lima and Benildes Coura Moreira dos Santos Maculan
Full Article PDF (358 K)

How do academic libraries work with their users to co-create value for service innovation?: A qualitative survey (pp. 637-658)
Anwarul Islam, Naresh Kumar Agarwal and Mitsuru Ikeda
Full Article PDF (587 K)

The bright side of procedures in a period of crisis: acquisitions decision-making at the EUI Library (pp. 659-669)
Carlotta Alpigiano and Martine Daalder
Full Article PDF (771 K)

Limits and opportunities for conducting quantitative and qualitative research in terms of the societies in transition (the example of Bulgaria) (pp. 671-677)
Evgeniya Rusinova
Full Article PDF (293 K)

Determinants of Strategic Information Management (Sim): A Case Study in a Malaysia Bank (pp. 679-692)
Norhayati Binti Hussin, Ahmad Soufiean Othman, Adnan Jamaludin
Full Article PDF (344 K)

Evidence-Based Decision Making in Library Management (pp. 693-698)
Dr. Asiye Kakırman Yıldız
Full Article PDF (448 K)

Tag-Resource-User: A Review of Approaches in Studying Folksonomies (pp. 699-707)
Jadranka Lasić-Lazić, Sonja Špiranec and Tomislav Ivanjko
Full Article PDF (368 K)

Natural language search in image collections (pp. 709-715)
Béla Lóránt Kovács, Margit Takács
Full Article PDF (396 K)

TCDMeta: a metadata model used to automatically create collections and meta-collections of the academic content in the institutional repository of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (pp. 717-726)
Nikolaos Tsatsakis, Alexandros Gougousis, Stavroula Varvantaki, Georgia Tzedaki, Mihail Panagiotakis
Full Article PDF (402 K)

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PDF (142 K)

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